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The AFL announced plans today to change the name of the Brownlow Medal.

After a precedent set by Fremantle Dockers who refused to accept the Ross Glendenning Medal at Western Derbies until it was renamed the Glendinning-Allan medal, the AFL has decided to include the name of a champion player from every AFL club in the medal title.

Unemployed Coach Ross Lyon said it was “political correctness gone mad.” Of course it was under his watch at the Dockers where the trend began.

AFL President said there would be a nationwide competition to find a suitable acronym. The dearth of vowels at the beginning of surnames would be a problem. He said the full title would only be used twice at the award ceremony, once at the beginning and once at the end in order not to eat too heavily into sponsor’s broadcast time.

An example of a new title would be “The Ablett-Brown-Hafey-Richards-Worsfold-Greene-Murphy-Hird-Tuck-Wanganeen-VanBerlo-Harvey-Pavlich-Riewoldt-Goodes Medal” though an acronym for that would be a challenge.

He was aware that using the names of players who had been champions at more than one club would be seen as unfair so players like Eddie Betts could not be considered because it would mean some clubs would be over represented.

He said it was a furphy to suggest that the order of the names would have to be changed each year to reflect the order of the premiership table. Some purists he admitted would make that call but he felt personally it was going a bit too far. He also said that the football itself would not become known as a “hand-foot-knee-head-groin-ball” to reflect its full usage in games.


Refusing to accept the umpire’s decision used to be regarded as poor sportsmanship. Now AFL clubs spend thousands of dollars on legal actions to reverse umpire decisions.

In my view Toby Green acted against the spirit of the game in both finals matches and should accept the sanctions that come his way or change his on field behaviour.


Chris Scott and Eddie McGuire are currently the two biggest whingers in the AFL.
They have no concept of what constitutes fairness in a national competition. The West Coast Eagles have travelled more than any other team in the competition and rank second in Premierships of the AFL era. They have not been treated fairly or equitably at any stage but instead of winging they have simply done what it takes to win against the odds.


The Perth woman who has taken her neighbours to the Supreme Court because the smell of their backyard barbecue offends her vegan sensibilities has provoked a social media backlash with people telling her she needs to go and live in “the middle of nowhere.”

Where should the line be drawn between our rights and the rights of others? It is always a vexatious question. Getting along with others in our environment, especially our neighbours, local or in the global community is perhaps the biggest issue of human existence.

It is difficult to avoid the impact of those around us unless we do choose to live in the wilderness but even then, we would be exposed to at least some indirect impact – global warming for example.

The world at the moment is facing a number of major, potentially disastrous crises. Finding solutions to international problems lies in the cooperation of all nations and their willingness to take responsibility for the impact they have on the rest of the world.  

Next door neighbour disputes are the microcosmic equivalent of our global problems. The solution to any dispute usually lies in compromise that can only come from willingness to take responsibility for our actions and understand what is fair and reasonable to all concerned.


Who are these people with hateful ideologies and agendas
of personal power and greed who control our world?
Support those who speak against them.


Scott Morrison’s friendship with the world’s biggest political buffoon is a worrying development. Australia should not be drawn into supporting the dangerous policies of the United States. They are headed in the opposite direction to that which most sane world leaders want to go.


The AFL All-Australian team is supposedly a representation of the best players for every position on the field. The position of Captain should be no exception. The selection should reward captaincy skills. To reward a best all-round player the team selection could also nominate a Best & Fairest member. This would have avoided the controversial decision to relegate the most successful Captain in the team to the position of Vice-captain.


Rugby and Soccer fans might be quick to tell you they hold attendance records for sporting events at Perth Stadium. What they overlook is the fact that these records are set by special events with added seating configurations. Neither sport can boast regular attendance on a week-by-week basis to rival AFL home and away matches.

Motorists are required to adjust their speed and position according to traffic conditions.  If cyclists are to use the roads they should be required to consider the needs of others by maintaining speeds appropriate to prevailing conditions. Lycra-clad fitness cyclists try to maintain a certain constant speed over long distances. They prioritise their cardio measurements and distance/speed ratio. This endangers themselves as well as other road and dual use pathway users.
Motorists pay for the privilege of using the roads. Cyclists do not. Dual use pathway pedestrians are entitled to walk safely without having to worry about cyclists travelling at 20 k/h.
Serious fitness training of most types is conducted in gyms, track venues and swimming pools. High-speed cyclists should use specialised locations such as cycling tracks and high-speed cycle lanes.